Other technologies

In addition to their key projects, Artenum have developed a collection of low-level components and software libraries that facilitate the development of rich and complex applications. These components are mainly open source or released under dual license. The majority of them today are seeing a strong activity in the user community and are employed in numerous open source projects, like Scilab.

LibreSource, the state of the art collaborative forge

JyConsole/JRosetta is a generic graphic console based on Java/Swing for all scripting and line command languages. It offers object completion and syntaxic colorization;

ArtTk is a graphic toolkit based on Java/Swing offering a set of advanced widgets for technical and scientific applications;

Penelope / JFreeMesh is a lightweight and high performance library to manipulate, edit and store 3D unstructured mesh, based on a full Java implementation.

DedalEGraph is a graphic library based on Java/Swing permitting the construction of dynamic trees and networks like pipelines or workflow processing;

ABT is an installation tool and deployment application in Python/Jython;

– Artenum have developed a collection of plug-ins for the image processing software, ImageJ.