ABT, the Automatic Build Tool

ABT is a tool for building and automatic installation of software projects. It manages the creation of software such as the famous build tool, Make.

ABT verfies file dates to see if they need to be updated or rebuilt. In parallel ABT verfies that all the binaries and external libraries necessary for the installation of the software and the compilation of source code are present on the target platform. Depending on the user's needs, ABT can handle compiling, compression and installation of all types of files.

Finally, ABT can take into account specific configurations according to the platform hardware and operating system and functions for all types of source language.

Easy to use, ABT is controlled by a simple configuration file called recipe, written in XML. Written entirely in Python, ABT is multiplatform and was successfully tested on Windows, Unix and Mac OS X. ABT can be used with Python and Jython without any modification or particular configuration.

Published and supported by Artenum, ABT was created by Maxime Biais and is distributed under the QPL licensing terms. It is now available for the entire user community for free or in proprietary form through a user license.

More information on the Project Page of ABT.

ABT is open source software and can be downloaded on its downloading page.

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