Modelling of physical systems has changed profoundly since the beginning of this century. The increase in computational capacity has permitted the generalization of 3D models including the computation of time evolution of dynamic systems.

In turn new technical challenges have brought the introduction of the notion of complex systems, requiring the simultaneous consideration of different physics (multi-physics approach) and the joint implementation of different models (multi-modal approach), sometimes at different scales (multi-scale approach).

Modelling of these types of systems has become a complex activity requiring the use of new tools that take into account the whole of the modelling chain.
To respond to these needs, Artenum has developed a coherent collection of solutions:

– The Integrated Modelling Environment (IME): Artenum has become a leader in the area of Integrated Modelling Environments (IME), with solutions like Keridwen, and the custom development of GUI.
The purpose of IME is to offer, within a unified environment, all the computation tools needed for the entire process from system modelling (including definition of the initial and boundary conditions) through the simulation control.

– Scientific Service Bus (SSB) : Above the user interface level, the Artenum team propose diverse advanced solutions for converting scientific data, whether through the base of dedicated converters or the base of the integrated bus oriented services.

– Expertise : Artenum is recognized for its expertise in mathematical modeling and numerical analysis, in particular within the field of non-linear systems, as well as in the development of kernels simulation based on the most advanced numerical methods (finite elements, finite difference, stochastic and particle-based models).