Scientific code have historically been among the first software developed. They are also often very demanding in terms of performance and algorithmic complexity.

In the last few years the evolution of physical systems for modelling has induced profound revision of these codes, even the complete rewriting or migration to new forms of IT.

This type of migration requires expertise in the area of design, software architecture and the development of high performance software. Artenum has developed a recognized expertise in this domain, in particular in the following areas:

– Object architecture and utilization of Java at the heart of high performance computing. Artenum has been one of the pioneers in this area.

– Techniques for multi-language interfaces (JNI wrapping, server-client liaison) permits linking software components written in a low level language (FORTRAN, C/C++, Java) and to manipulate computation libraries (VTK, lapack) via high level scripting languages (Python, Jython).