Our Offer

Artenum is looking to maintain a constant equilibrium between its offer of services and products. The objective of this approach is to offer its clients the most perennial software solutions adapted to their needs, critical factors and professional context.

• Our Services  

• Our Products  

Within the framework of the benefits of services, whether in engineering, custom development, scientific expertise or open source, we always seek to identify the most reliable technical solutions and software components:

- either within the client's own components, by highlighting the key elements though an in-depth analysis of their code;

- or, after evaluation, with reference to open source solutions;

- or on the basis of our own catalog of applications and software components.

Reciprocally, it is the need for validated solutions and products which led Artenum to maintain a active policy of software publishing, emphasizing:

- the necessity of stable and durable components, especially in terms of scientific visualization and calculation;

- the constant evolution of our methodology, by our own developmental efforts, by external contributions and often even by the will of our own clients;

- an effort of coherence between our products, in particular to support interoperability;

- open source solutions, freely accessible and utilizable by the user community.

This approach has allowed a significant capitalization of our programming and scientific expertise and the development of a collection of important and coherent software solutions whose reliability has been forged by experience.