Scientific Pole

Scientific computing constitutes the heart of the early work of Artenum. Its team, in regular interaction with research teams of international level, has given it a solid reputation and has contributed many important scientific and technical results. This position, at the interface between research and industry, has resulted in numerous scientific publications..
Similarly, the technical solutions of Artenum are today at the heart of numerous industry projects and operations in the fields as varied as space environment, energy product, nuclear physics, geographic information systems (GIS), plasma physics and non-linear physics...

The activities of Artenum revolve around three major axes:

- Mathematical modelling and numerical simulation;
- 2D/3D scientific visualization and processing of scientific data;
- Software design and development for high performance computing (HPC).

In these three areas the Artenum team have always made a top priority the strong interaction with the client in order to best understand the heart of his work and his often very specific needs.
The open source approach, often proposed here, responds directly to the needs with quality, traceability, peer validation, at the heart itself of scientific procedure and high tech projects.
It also responds to the increasing need for software sharing, at the core of many scientific and technical communities. Modern simulation codes are more and more difficult to develop and maintain by a single entity even with greater size, whether in industry or academia.
The ultimate objective of the Artenum team is to bring IT solutions that are the most efficient high performing, innovative and adapted to the constraints of modern scientific computing.