DedalEGraph is a graphic library to aid with the construction, manipulation and visualization of object graphs in the form of a network of interconnected graphic cells. It is based on standard Java/Swing technology, permits easy management of all mouse events to move/resize/select each cell. The graphic cells are constructed by the user and can integrate all the Swing components available, like buttons, labels, as well as the associated look and feel.


  • Simple rapid definition of graphic views of cells;
  • Proposal of a model cell by default;
  • Ability to easily define a layout;
  • Tools available for moving/resizing/selecting by group;
  • Ability to easily define the graphic representation of different interconnections.

Area of application
DedalEGraph enables the creation and management of all types of graphic representations of workflow, trees and treatment pipelines in a Java environment.

DedalEGraph has already been integrated into many Artenum products, including Cassandra for editing the VTK visualization pipeline.

Open source diffusion of DedalEGraph is foreseen in the future.

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