Penelope / JFreeMesh

Penelope (previously JFreeMesh) is a high performance object library to handle, store and edit 3D unstructured meshes written in Java. Penelope is based on a hierarchical approach of mesh structure and through a high level API offers access to a set of ascending and descending connectivity, as well as to other stock elements (e.g. cells, surfaces, edges and nodes).

Penelope also offers a collection of geometric and topological processing subroutines and mesh inspection tools, like the JFreeMeshInspector. At last, Penelope integrates a series of converters, especially for the Gmsh and VTK formats.

Highly optimized, Penelope is capable of handling a large number of elements with minimal memory footprint (up to 1.6 million tetrahedra per gigabyte of memory). Highly modular, Penelope is easily extensible to new type of cells, currently supporting the following elements:

• point
• line
• triangle
• tetrahedron

Penelope was conceived to be as small as possible to furnish simple effective solutions for scientific and technical applications. Penelope is used in many open source and commercial projects, like:

- Keridwen
- Cassandra

Penelope is freely accessible under QPL and GPL license. For integration into proprietary develop­ments, a developers license (Close Source Developer License or CSDL) is available on request.
Our team is at your disposition to furnish you with advanced support, service and development based on Penelope. Feel free to contact our commercial services for further information.

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