Keridwen: Licenses and Intellectual Property Rights.

Keridwen is an open-source software initially developed and owned by Artenum.

Keridwen, as IME, is released under the terms of the GPL license. But Keridwen is based on the integration of a large set of sub-systems and external components, that have their specific ownership and licensing rights. The table here below summarises the IP chains and the licensing rules for each of these components.

On demand, a proprietary license can be granted, if you whish integrate Keridwen into a close application.

Software componentWeb site or repositoryOwnership and/or main authorLicense
Keridwen (framework itself) Artenum GPL
JFreeMesh (high-performance mesh library) Artenum QPL
JyConsole (embedded Jython console) Artenum QPL
Cassandra-PCS (experimental SCA-based interface) Artenum QPL
Cassandra-2.2 (3D visualisation framework based on Java and VTK) Artenum QPL
Gmsh (CAD and meshing tools) C.Geuzaine & J.-F. Remacle GPL
JFreeChart Object Refinery Limited LGPL
JSynoptic (2D data analysis and plotting tool) Supported by the community LGPL
Jext (embedded Java-based text editor) Romain Guy & contributors GPL
Jython (Java-based Python interpretor) Python Software Foundation Python License, version 2
ParaView Kitware ParaView License, version 1.2
VTK (3D data analysis & visualisation library) Kitware BSD license
PicUp3D (3D plasma simulation code) Owned by both ESA and IRF GPL
Log4j (logging system) The Apache Software Foundation Apache
Slf4j (logging system) MIT license

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