Keridwen: a new generation IME.


  • Multi-physics
  • Multi-model
  • Generic structures of CAD and meshing
  • Flexible and customizable graphic interface
  • Compatible with many programming languages (Python, Java, C / C + +, Fortran ...)
  • Easy integration with external tools
  • 2D and 3D visualisation tools (based on JFreeChart and VTK)
  • Multi-platform (Linux, Mac OSX, Windows2000/NT/XP ...)

Integrated Tools:

  • Gmsh: CAD tool and triangular (2D) and tetrahedral meshing tool
  • Cassandra: framework for 3D scientific visualization based on VTK
  • JFreeMesh: ava library for unstructured 3D meshes
  • Paraview: 3D viewer
  • JyConsole: interactive Python / Jython console
  • Jext: multi-language editor
  • JSynoptic et JFreeChart: modules for 2D data analysis
  • ArtTk: processing pipelines editor

Services and support:

Along with Keridwen, Artenum provides a variety of services and support:
  • The integration of external tools, simulation cores or processing modules
  • On-demand development of dedicated or business modules and simulation cores
  • On-demand development of visualisation and data analysis pipelines based on VTK
  • On-demand development of data import/export formats (STEP, IGES, MED, NetCDF)
  • The conception of dependance trees for modelling chains (research, optimisation, system analysis)
  • Training and expertise.

For further information, please contact us.

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