Class CellVolumeAnalyser

  extended by org.keridwen.modelling.mesh.inspector.analysers.MeshAnalyser
      extended by org.keridwen.modelling.mesh.inspector.analysers.CellVolumeAnalyser
All Implemented Interfaces:
Comparable, MeshAnalyserInterface

public class CellVolumeAnalyser
extends MeshAnalyser
implements MeshAnalyserInterface

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.keridwen.modelling.mesh.inspector.analysers.MeshAnalyser
ANALYSER_TYPE, analysis, DATA_ARRAY_NAME, HISTROGRAM_ENABLE, inputParameters, mesh, name, outputParameters
Constructor Summary
CellVolumeAnalyser(com.artenum.penelope.mesh.interfaces.Mesh mesh)
Method Summary
 Object analyseAndBuildVtkDataSet()
          return a vtk data set with the quality value mapped on it.
 GenericAnalysis analyseMesh()
          perform the analysis of the mesh and return the result under the form of an analysis object.
 int compareTo(Object o)
 double getTotalVolume()
 GenericAnalysis probeCell(int meshId)
          Probe (i.e analyse) a cell specified by its Id.
Methods inherited from class org.keridwen.modelling.mesh.inspector.analysers.MeshAnalyser
computeDistributionFunction, getAnalysis, getInputParameters, getMesh, getName, getOutputParameters, printAnalysis, setAnalysis, setInputParameters, setMesh, setName
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait
Methods inherited from interface org.keridwen.modelling.mesh.inspector.interfaces.MeshAnalyserInterface
getAnalysis, getOutputParameters, printAnalysis, setAnalysis, setInputParameters, setMesh

Constructor Detail


public CellVolumeAnalyser(com.artenum.penelope.mesh.interfaces.Mesh mesh)
Method Detail


public GenericAnalysis analyseMesh()
perform the analysis of the mesh and return the result under the form of an analysis object. The corresponding dataArray has the name defined in DATA_ARRAY_NAME.

Specified by:
analyseMesh in interface MeshAnalyserInterface
analyseMesh in class MeshAnalyser
This method should return the result of the analysis under an object implementing the GenericAnalysis interface.


public double getTotalVolume()


public Object analyseAndBuildVtkDataSet()
Description copied from class: MeshAnalyser
return a vtk data set with the quality value mapped on it.

Specified by:
analyseAndBuildVtkDataSet in interface MeshAnalyserInterface
analyseAndBuildVtkDataSet in class MeshAnalyser
a vtkDataSet of the analysed mesh with the quality factor.


public GenericAnalysis probeCell(int meshId)
Description copied from interface: MeshAnalyserInterface
Probe (i.e analyse) a cell specified by its Id.

Specified by:
probeCell in interface MeshAnalyserInterface
meshId - of the cell.
the quality factor.


public int compareTo(Object o)
Specified by:
compareTo in interface Comparable

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